The idea of becoming a teacher is a by-product of the rich memories I build my self-- in making sense with the family and with my teachers.  Not all good memories, actually, but certainly, it worked well.  So I spend time with the learners,  and inform them of their possibilities. I see them as an extension of myself-- so I give them hope. 



It is in the amount of effort and expertise that make a difference in teaching. And the challenge is that there is no variable in the learning paradigm that is constant.  

My realm is to put forward an authentic learning trajectory: I put a premium on a Creative Autonomy of the learners as they decide to make sense of what they have, and then I make sense out of it.  

Inclusivity is coexistence made sense.



My artworks are the narratives that I have in me while I go to places and meet people. Its visual storytelling is, sometimes, cathartic, to the part of the artist as well as to the audience but I hope to keep telling stories. And I would rather supply questions, instead of providing answers to those who listen.  But when I am new to the experiences, I find myself learning from my coward, and often, marveled self. I just make it a point that I learn from the experience so that I have something to share with my people.







It will be nice to hear from you. Say hi !


Jose Victor Patalinghug

Jose Victor Patalinghug